Networking: Connecting Your Enterprise

  • High Availability --  Keep your enterprise connected 24x7 365 days a year. We can provide you with a network and infrastructure that delivers 99.999% availability (less than 5 minutes of down time per year)

  • Perimeter security -– Firewalls to safeguard your valuable enterprise data 

  • Access control lists -- Provide fine grain control over secure network access

  • Branch office connectivity-- Connect branch offices or telecommuting workers through a virtual private networks (VPN)

  • Telecommuting ---- Provide your road warriors global range or work from home

  • Routing-- Redundant, high availability internet access

  • Switching Availability from the core to the edge

  • Quality of Service--Optimizing network traffic to get the best performance of your network services including VOIP

  • MPLS (Multi Protocol lable switching) --Connect your distributed enterprise including voip, data, applications and internet access at high speeds

  • Email security --Setting up an email security appliance to protect your network from email borne threats

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